Going on plants. More food.

There are so much hidden ingredients, I am afraid 30 days are not enough…

As I promised myself I am going to avoid soy products as much as possible. It already became hard in the first week when I discovered TEMPEH, made from fermented soy beans. The raw taste reminds for mushroom (it is always a good sign), but after roasting, frying has a nutty flavour (your best friend, Maillard-reaction again), seared surface, creamy inside. Something completely new, different from any of my previous experiences (meat), therefore don’t act like a meat replacer in any meal. Furthermore there are several ways for preparation, what makes it more addictive. My favorite fast meal is stir-fry. There are originally vegan version with tofu, but personally I don’t like the taste of tofu, so tempeh came into my life as a lifebelt. I found marinating the best in soy sauce, rice vinegar, rice wine, garlic, chili, ginger, sugar…so a classic asian-style seasoning. For more variety you can change the marinade, vegetables, rice/noodles/pasta. I food again, what I could eat everyday and probably would have never tried before.

In spite of my thoughts beeing vegan is not cheap at all. I supposed after cutting of the meat from my diet (the most expensive ingredient) my budget is high enough to discover a new lifestyle. The main problem since my diet is based on vegetables, the assortiment in the local supermarkets is not satisfactory anymore. I also didn’t buy the cheapest meat before, due to eating is more like and experience for me than response to my needs. 2-3 for a piece of eggpant or buying mushrooms for 25 euro/kg is an unusual activity. I am working on adjusting the fact in my brain, that vegetables are the new meat for me. It is easier this way…
Secondly, grains are extremely expensive. Almonds, cashews are around 20-25 euro/kg. I knew the prices earlier as well, but that is different when you buy 100g as a snack or they are the part of your diet (50g/day). And I haven’t even talked about the ready made vegan product like different spreads, creams, dairy¬†substitutes. If you have time definitely worth to prepare them at home. Rice milk, oat milk, or cream with less added water, cashew butter or spreads from other nuts…The varieties are endless!

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