Vegan or vegetarian?

After 10 days, despite of my obstinacy I had to admit I can not take in enough protein with vegan diet.

Observed (side)effects:

My workout performance decreased by 20%, I felt bad and I also looked bad. My coach and my friends (who didn’t even know about my challenge) started to worry and ask about whether I was sick or not.
Usually I sleep 6 hours in a day, now I was sleeping 8 hours long (because I needed) and I still didn’t have energy.
There was an unceasing numbing in my arms, furthermore my pale face frightened everyone.
My appetite drastically decreased, first in my life I was eating, because I had to, not because I was hungry. I also don’t feel like eating sweet things at all. There is no cookie for my coffee anymore.
My libido or sexual appetite also decreased a lot. There were periods in my life when I would have minded it, but not now.

A part of these objective, but other part can be subjective. What is a fact, my starting weight was 83 kg, today on the 15th day I measured 79 kg. My goal was not losing weight, especially not from my muscles. In spite of all my positive attitude, I am sure there is psychological reason as well. Even though I enjoyed the challenge and the new flavours, the restriction itself could have created a negative (slightly depressive) frame of mind what later may have caused physical loss.  As I wrote before I don’t want to suffer and when I don’t feel good I will give it up. AdmittedIy it  was that point and I was really thinking of giving up. In other hand I hate to lose so I made a compromise. I changed my diet to ovo-lacto vegetarian. So I gave a chance to cover my protein need without eating meet and without build my diet around dairy products. But I still felt I failed.

I can tell you, I am still very committed! Before I ate cheese only itself, I never ate cheese based sandwiches or other foods, so it is still a new adventure!

Last but not least I cooked (and found) something really nice again. Fried king oyster mushroom, mashed cauliflower, mushroom jus, grilled goat cheese. (Recipe) Enjoy! 😉



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