Some food.

I share a few meal what I ate in the first week.
Everything was good, some of them quiet delicious. The fact that all of them originally are made without meat helped a lot. Therefore I didn’t look for meat in my food, I didn’t miss anything.

The first meal what I cooked was a traditional turkish starter Mercimek Köftesi (red lentil kofte).


Balanced spicy flavour, light but gives satiety. I could eat it everyday….but if I was stucked with the first veggie food, then my whole “adventure” would not make sense.

The next big thing was to find my perfect breakfast (again). Probably most of us have a special one, what is the part of our daily routine. Until now mine was croque monsieur (and different derivates of it) with orange juice and spinach or ruccola. My untimate favorite is smoked salmon-cream cheese bagel with tons of ruccola and grapefruit juice. It is way too expensive to eat it everyday, so usually I keep it for special days, otherwise would be meaningless…
As I wrote at the start I allowed 2 egg/day. In the first 2 morning I took the chance and ate eggs sunny side up with whole grain bread, tomatoes, radish..etc. Other option eat eggs as an omelett and fill with spinach, mushroom….The result is a quiche-like nutritious, filling breakfast. Other day I ate it for lunch. Even though I didn’t eat eggs for a long time and it was a pleasant change, I was still looking for something similar to my “ritual” breakfast.
I tried different sandwiches, toasts, paninis with smoked tofu, soy cream cheese (click for recipe) and many vegetables, salads, but it didn’t work out. Accidentally my eyes got stucked on a title “WALNUT PATÉ”. Walnuts, beans, herbs and roasted bell peppers, pears, aragula (ruccola) in addition. OMG this sandwich is made for me. I complemented the recipe above some salt, otherwise it taste very neutral. Salt enhances the flavor both the walnut and supplements like roasted bell pepper.
To tell the truth first I made sunflower seeds paté, because I did’t have walnuts at home. Instead of soaking the seeds, I roasted them until browning and added a dash of soy sause (shoyu, tamari). Nevertheless soaking results creamier texture, but I preferred Maillard-reaction. It is a reaction between proteins and sugars and occurs nutty, caramel flavour. This is the reason why steak tastes different than cooked meat. You can describe it as roasted, grilled flavour as well, but the summary is the same. The result was a really meaty paté, probably better what most of the supermarkets sell in the Netherlands from real meat. This is an example, that you can make miracles with an average cooking knowledge/experience.


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