30 days on plants…vegan diet…
Recently many people do a tryout for 30 days. I heard from my german housemate Josh, it is really going big in Germany. People are always extremely capable for any “magic trick” for loosing weight. Probably this is the main reason of this big hype around it.

My reason is more like the challenge itself, than loosing weight. I study food technology, therefore I am interested in gastronomy and cooking. It is going to be a great opportunity to discover the world of plants, learn how to prepare them and appreciate them more than a simple side dish for my steak in the future. Furthermore: getting ripped on a vegan diet! To define it better: build muscles, loose fat… get back my average shape after a tough study period.
For these goals I use a modified vegan diet, with eggs and whey protein shake. Yes, you are right, then I should call it vegetarian… But people who eat fish and loads of dairy products, they are also called vegetarian. From this point of view my diet is closer to vegan. In more detail 1 shake and 2 eggs are allowed every day. The rest has to be from plants. Inspite of it to make it a bigger challenge, I will decrease the soy consumption  as much as I can. First, 1 meal/day, later 4 meal/week. Due to I eat meat with meat (up to 0.5 kg easily) and cheese (better not to mention amounts…:-) ) this (what you probably call cheating diet) is going to be an incredible change in my life.
What is important to know: I don’t do it as an obligation. I do it because I want to do it, because I am curious for the consequences of this big change in my diet. Besides I want to enjoy it! If I feel bad I will quit immediately.

This is a personal tryout and just started on 8th of March, 2013.


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